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Who can participate in INTEF MOOC? How to enroll?

INTEF MOOCs are open (anyone can access and participate) and free. All that is needed is access to a computer, a current browser, an Internet connection and, of course, the desire to learn.
In order to register and enroll in the MOOC chosen, just click on the Register now box and fill in the fields. This process is only necessary the first time you access If you want to enroll in a different MOOC later on, you just have to sign in.

What browsers are compatible with a MOOC of INTEF?

Current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. In the case Internet Explorer, version 9 or higher are recommended.

What happens of I have problems signing up, enrolling, signing in or accessing the MOOC?

Many of the problems that may arise during the registration or the login process are due to the browser. Here are some workarounds:

- Update to a current version of Chrome or Firefox.

- Check the browser settings in order to ensure that JavaScript and cookies are enabled.

- Empty the browser's cache.

What happens if I have to drop out of a MOOC? Will I be able to enroll again in a future edition or in any other MOOC?

Enrollment and participation in an INTEF MOOC are free and there is absolutely no academic penalty related to this matter. Any user can enroll in the same MOOC (as long as INTEF is offering it) or any other at any future time.

When does my MOOC begin and end?

The start date and duration of every MOOC is indicated on its description page. If you are enrolled in a MOOC, you will also see its start date in your Dashboard. A MOOC can begin at any time during its first day. If you find your MOOC unavailable, please return later on that day. The MOOC schedule is flexible. It is not required to log into the course the same day the MOOC starts, though it its recommended to follow the suggested due dates.

How do I log into my MOOC?

Once you enroll in a MOOC and activate your account, click on the Sign in button on the main screen. Then, type your email address and password. This will automatically redirect you to your Dashboard, in which you will have access to all your active MOOCs.

What is the workload of my MOOC?

The number of hours estimated for each MOOC are normally included in the description page of the MOOC. If they are not displayed, please check the syllabus of the MOOC or the discussion forums as soon as the MOOC starts.

What digital badges are issued in an INTEF MOOC?

With the completion of the activities of the INTEF MOOCs it is possible to get digital badges. The number of badges may vary depending on the MOOC, but in any case, there will be a final badge associated with the successful completion of the activity plan of the MOOC.

Who is the staff behind an INTEF MOOC?

Behind an INTEF MOOC there is a team that will help you solve your doubts and manage the appropriate channels of communication. However, it is necessary to consider that these massive open environments are designed to promote interaction and collaboration among participants. In any case, this is the staff you will see in a MOOC:

- Facilitators and animators, who act as a catalyst for the community, supervise the debate forums, intervene as needed to solve recurring doubts, counsel participants or help them finding relevant information.

- Curators from the teaching staff of every MOOC intervene in those cases in which a doubt is not fully addressed and solved on the debate forums. In addition, they propose topics for the discussion forums, always related with the MOOC subject, and they orient participants as needed. They also select and spread the best contributions and messages by students. The activity of the curators is limited to the duration of the MOOC.

Communication on INTEF MOOCs take place mainly in the forums and networks built into the MOOC, where interaction between participants happen. MOOCs do not include email communications with the teaching staff.

What happens if I have access problems (password and/or email not recognized by the platform)?

Please check that you have an updated version of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, with JavaScript and cookies enabled. In addition, try to empty your browser's cache.

What happens If I forget my password?

Click on the 'Forgot your password?' box on the sign-in page. Type the email address that was used during the registration process in and the platform will send you an email with instructions in order to reestablish your password.

What happens if I dont receive an email to activate the account and/or to reestablish the password?

If you didn't receive an automatized email, that could be due to:

- The email address provided was wrong.

- Your spam filter could have captured the email. Please, check your spam folder.

- You may be using an outdated browser. We strongly recommend you download a current version of Firefox or Chrome.

- JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Please, check the browser settings and confirm that JavaScript is enabled.

- You haven't successfully registered in Please, register again using the same email address. If the account already exists in the database, you will see an error message informing that the email address is already registered.

If you still have problems activating your account, we recommend that you try to create a new account. There is no need to do anything with the previous account; if it is not activated through the link provided in the mail, it will be automatically erased.

Can I delete my account?

It is not necessary to delete your account because any unused account, with no completed MOOCs associated to it, disappears after a reasonable time.

What happens if I don't find the answer to my question in here?

If your question is not addressed here, you can contact INTEF MOOC (see Contact link below). Please note that the email address indicated there is to be used only to report technical issues or requests that cannot be solved neither through this Frequently Asked Questions section nor through the communication spaces inside your MOOC.