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A NANO Open Learning Experience in Collaboration, INTEF NOOC, gives participants the opportunity to explore, learn and be evaluated on a key element of a competence, skill, or area of knowledge in a period of time that can go from a minimum of 1 hour, to a maximum of 20 hours of estimated effort of dedication to the NOOC.

A NOOC run by INTEF focuses on working on a specific digital competence of The Common Digital Competence Framework for Teachers, and achieve a single objective that can be evidenced in a single digital product, whose design contributes to the participant achieving a specific level of digital competence. In this way we hope to get participants to concentrate on achieving a single objective, to prove that they have achieved it through a significant and evaluable digital product, and to hold a very specific digital open badge.

The completion of several NOOCs run by INTEF may lead to the issuance of a digital micro-credential that endorses the level of digital teaching competence that the participants have achieved following the recommended training roadmap, according to the Common Digital Competence Framework for Teachers, by INTEF.